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Waxing... What's the difference between a Brazilian and Bikini Wax?

Updated: Apr 4

Brazilian area
Bikini woman body

Are you considering hopping on the train to waxing instead of shaving? It's a largely growing trend and it is fast becoming the best alternative to laser hair removal or electrolysis. Many people are choosing waxing over shaving. Especially when it comes to the most critical look of the the bikini line.

Shaving weekly or even daily can often leave the skin irritated, bumpy and even ingrown hairs. Certainly, shaving is easier but it's time consuming, requires constant upkeep and if not maintained, can leave the bikini area ready for some hairs that "sneak out". Laser is expensive and can be very painful. Waxing is undoubtedly the option that will leave you with better, more long-lasting results. 

But what is the difference with all the fancy names for each waxing? I mean, what is a Brazilian wax anyway? What does it mean when you include the 'crack'?

Finding the best wax for you may be a bit of trial and error but once you start the process to getting regular waxes, you will love the results and easily become a fan.

Don't let the names dissuade you. Here is some information to help break it down:

The Brazilian Wax

A "Brazilian Wax" is the removal of ALL the hair from the groin area. That includes the labia and the butt crack. For men, it includes the butt crack as well. Some people may be apprehensive of removing the hair, especially from the crack. It can be painful but well worth it. Often times, the crack is the least painful of the entire area. And if you are wondering if you even have hair there, YES, you do. Everyone has hair there and it can be waxed.

The Bikini Wax

A "Bikini Wax" removes the hair from around the bikini area. It takes off only what is necessary for a moderate-coverage bikini bottom. You can choose how little or how much you'd like the coverage to be. Since not all hair is removed with this type of wax service, you can typically wear underwear throughout the session. It is most common for people to wear nothing even if they are getting a Bikini Wax only. But if you are uncomfortable exposing all of your groin area, you may opt to wear underwear. We suggest that you wear underwear that best represents the type of bikini bottom you expect to wear. This gives your professional an idea of exactly where to wax.

When should I wax
Waxing Tips
The Crack

As the name suggest, the crack is the area between the legs (the butt crack). It includes the anal region. Surprisingly, there is a fair amount of hair in this area and most people prefer it gone. It is often less painful as the skin is a little thicker and less sensitized. If you plan to wear a thong bathing suit, it is best to remove this hair as well.

The Thong Wax

Often referred to as a "High Bikini Wax'" this service removes hair from the sides and top of the pubic area, leaving a narrow strip of hair in the front. It's a good option if you want to wear a thong bikini or underwear and don't want any hair showing. Sometimes this service is referred to as a "Hollywood Wax," or a "French Wax." The end result is the same where a strip of hair is left in the middle area. This is a great option if you are not wanting to go completely bare.

Which one is best for me?

If you've never tried waxing the groin hair before, and the idea seems a little intimidating for you, we recommend trying the Bikini Wax first. You can determine as little or as much as you'd like to remove without feeling too exposed. As your pain tolerance increases, you may advance to a bit more hair removal or perhaps full removal of the hair.

When should I wax?

The more often you wax the hair, the less painful it can become. Hair is attached to the skin in follicles. These follicles have a life cycle that includes 3 stages. The first stage is active growing where the hair develops and collects nutrients from the body. The 2nd stage is where the hair detaches from the shaft but remains whereby the bottom of the hair gets slightly larger to hold it in place. The final stage is when the hair rests. It slowly gets pushed out of the shaft to allow for new hair to grow in.

When the hair is waxed (pulled from the shaft), some may break and not fully pull out. This can leave small pieces that are too small to wax. Regular waxing sessions will help to get all these hairs at relatively the same stage. The result will be a cleaner area in the future. Additionally, the hairs will not be as well attached (when they are removed before they grow larger in stage 2) and thus, they will pull out smoother. This is ideal because it mean's less pain.

Most people find that the growth stage is about at about one month intervals. So waxing between 3-4 weeks can be just enough time to get a good 1/4" length of hair but not allowing the hairs to get too well established and thus, they pull out easier.

If you find that you don't have at least a 1/4" by the time you are ready for your next session, you may have to adjust your appointments.

Let's prepare for our waxing appointment.

Before your wax appointment, there are some steps you can take to prepare. First, hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch long. Though it can be longer, you may want to trim a little for your own comfort. Long pubic hair tends to take longer to wax and can sometimes be more painful.

Second, it is always a good idea to shower before and after a wax appointment. I recommend to gently exfoliate the area to be waxed. This will help to loosen hairs and any skin cells that may have covered a hair follicle.

Do not add any lotions or oils prior to your wax service. This makes it difficult for the wax to stick and can lead to a longer appointment that isn't as successful as you'd want.

Lotions after waxing service
Lotions or oils

Plan to keep this area out of the sun for the next 12 hours. Sun exposure right after waxing can make the skin highly sensitized and lead to breakouts, burns and painful irritation.

If you plan to work-out, it is best to do this the day before or day after. Working out with freshly waxed skin can chafe and cause irritation. Inflamed skin can be painful and lead to ingrown hairs and clogged pores.

How long will the results last?

While no two people are the same, typically, waxing results will last three to six weeks. You may notice hair growth sooner. Whether you're on the shorter or longer end of that range will depend on how quickly your pubic hair tends to grow back. Think of how fast you notice stubble coming in after a fresh shave. Waxed hairs will take longer to grow back as the hair follicle takes time to rebuild a new hair.

It's usually best to rebook your next session before you leave the salon/spa. By the time you notice that the hair is just right and needing to be waxed again, there may not be any times available to get in and you'll have to wait. If the hair gets longer, again, this may be more painful and not as desirable.

For more tips and helpful information follow us at: @BellaNuovaSpa on FB and IG.


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