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Waxing Made Easy; Know before you go.

Eyebrow Waxing, Bikini Waxing, Leg Waxing, Oh My! - Waxing, Bend Oregon

  • Length of hair before waxing.

  • When to exfoliate.

  • When to moisturize (and when not to).

Here are some essential tips to do before your waxing session:

The Bikini/Brazilian Wax

For starters, have an idea of what you’re getting in to. Unlike a bikini wax, a Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair from front to back. It can be less if you prefer (IE: a strip of hair in the front for looks and protection, or a triangle of hair at the top of the flower.

Now that we’ve established that, here are all the essentials to get you ready for your wax.

1. Pop a pain reliever. At Bella Nuova, our specialty formulated waxes are designed to make your waxing the least painful as possible. But if you’re nervous, ticklish, or have a lower pain tolerance, take an over the counter pain killer, approximately 30 minutes prior to your wax appointment.

2. Wear loose clothing. Cotton undergarments are the most appropriate article to wear post waxing. Silky and spandex clothing will likely snag your skin and irritate the area.

3. Waxing hair length should be about a 1/4 inch. Forget the razor! Even shaving once between waxing visits only weakens the hairs and makes them break when you do get waxed. Stop shaving before your waxing! Waxing is gonna make you say, “So long, razor,” anyhow.

4. Confidential Disclosure. Prior to getting waxed, it is essential that you disclose any sensitivities, allergies, prescriptions you’ve recently taken (or the nervousness you’re feeling). Your wax esthetician will consider these and determine the best way to wax and if there is any reason you should not get waxed.

5. Exfoliate - Exfoliate - Exfoliate. Eliminating dead skin cells preps your hair for waxing. It also helps to keep the skin clean and the pores from getting impacted. No one wants ingrown hairs so use a calming, gritty exfoliant to keep the southern regions smooth and soft.

6. Avoid Lotions. On the day of your waxing service, avoid the lotions and creams. They interfere with the process and make it more difficult for the wax to grab the hairs.

8.Skip tanning. Seriously, your esthetician will be totally against tanning in general but it is especially important to do without when your waxing. It pre-sensitizes the skin and will make it that much more painful or even more reactive to the waxing.

9. No stimulants. Yes, a glass of vino may help you relax, but consuming it can cause water retention and leave skin more sensitive. Caffeine is the same. Skip it until after.

10. Breathe. Yes, Brazilian waxing is a sensitive area. You’re disrobed from the waist down, but don’t let that deter you. At Bella Nuova, we are complete pros in a professional atmosphere. We get to know you and your needs ahead of time with a complete questionnaire and have done hundreds of waxings so we've seen it all. Don't hold your breath and don't get worked up. It's a pretty quick process with great rewards. You're gonna love it!

The Eyebrow Wax

1. Know your shape. Decide what type of brow shape you want and what works for you. If unsure of which brow shape works best for your face, don’t fret. Our experienced estheticians can help steer you in the right direction.

2. Hair length matters. Attempt to grow out your brow hair to 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch in order for the wax to hold the hair properly.

3. Lay off the cosmetics. It’s best to arrive to your appointment makeup-free. You want your esthetician to actually be able to see what hair you have and what needs removed, right? Yes, you might be thinking, “But my waxer will clean my brows before my wax anyway, won’t she?” That’s correct, but any makeup residue can still clog freshly opened pores.

4. Honesty is the only policy. Inform your esthetician if you’re taking topical facial and/or skincare medications like Retin-A, Accutane, Botox, injectables, etc.; using semi- or potent exfoliants like salicylic, alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids; had any treatments like dermabrasion or a peel, or have any skin conditions. You may not think it matters but it does. Some skincare ingredients or prescriptions can make skin overly sensitive or cause it to peel. You don’t want waxing to exacerbate it further.

5. Skip the tanning. There’s no way you’ll want to wax sunburnt skin (or that an esthetician will do so). Wait a couple of days so your skin can heal. Even self tanning can remove the color along with the hairs.

6. Avoid tweezing between waxes: Plucking a stray hair here and there is fine in an emergency only. But it’s super-easy to become overzealous with the tweezers. And it takes months for the brow hairs to grow back. Let your professional help with those and keep everything neat and tidy.

The Legs and Arms Wax

As with all the above tips, there are a few more to keep in mind with the underarms and legs.

1. Nix the tight clothing. Just as above, you'll want to avoid tight clothing and wear something soft and comfortable.

2. Grow it out. Hair length should be approx 1/4" long to enable the wax to grab it. Keep in mind that longer does not make it better. Often times, longer hairs can make the hair hang in different directions and when the esthetician removes the wax, it does not pull the hair from the folicle. 1/4" to 1/2" is best.

3. Still seeing hairs. Fine hairs are hard to see and may not always get removed. Don't be discouraged if your esthetician doesn't get every single hair. It's easy to miss those baby fine hairs. And since your hair grows in stages, each hair on your legs or arms will be at different stages than the others. Once you've waxed it several times, the hairs will all be in the same growth cycle and make it a much smoother, cleaner process.

4. No tanning. Avoid the self tanners and tanning in general. The self tanner will look splotchy after waxing since the wax can easily remove the color. And tanning (booth or outside) will make the skin more sensitive.

5. Use exfoliant. Regular use of exfoliants, will keep the hair follicles open and help avoid ingrown hairs. Find a good, clean product with a mild grit and smoothing lotion. It helps to use an exfoliant a good 24 hours prior to waxing.

6. No shaving. Shaving in between waxing only weakens the hairs by breaking them off. Keep up with waxing as your hair grows back in. The pain will decrease with each session and the hairs will become much more sparse. You'll love how quick and easy it is to maintain.


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