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A facial is your Fountain of Youth. Whether you are a man or a woman, of any age, you will benefit from a facial. 

You'll see and feel immediate results that will have people taking notice.

VIP LumaLift Facial

Our VIP LumaLift Facial is a luxurious 70 minute experience designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your complexion. This exquisite treatment combines our triple cleanse, effective serums and advanced face lifting techniques with brightening botanicals to leave your skin looking radiant and toned.

Experience the transformative power of our specialized under-eye treatment, which targets dark cicles and fatigue, revealing brighter, more refreshed eyes. This session includes 10 minutes of our Chromalux Rejuvenating treatment to enhance the skin and promote cellular rejuvenation.

Emerge from your session with a luminous glow, feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world with confidence.

Revitalize Renewal Facial

Our Revitalize Renewal Facial is a luxurious journey that will rejuvenate and revive your skin to its youthful radiance.

Experience the revitalizing power  of our signature techniques, expertly tailored to target dullness, fine lines, and uneven texture, unveiling a smoother, more luminous complexion.

Indulge in a customized blend of potent antioxidants, nourishing botanicals, and skin-renewing serums, meticulously chosen to replenish and rejuvenate your skin from within.

This facial is pure bliss leaving you feeling renewed and radiant.

NurtureGlow Pregnancy Facial

The NatureGlow Pregnancy Facial is a soothing sanctuary for expectant mothers seeking a gently care and relaxation during this special time. 

This facial is designed for pregnancy and beyond, acknowledging the unique needs of your skin as it navigates the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Experience a nurturing blend of safe and pregnancy -friendly products, carefully selected to address the skin's ever-changing needs while ensuring the utmost safety for you and your baby during pregnancy, lactation and postpartum.

Step into a have of tranquility as you indulge in this bespoke facial experience, knowing that your skin is in expert hands.

Gentlemen's Refinery Facial

Introducing our Gentleman's Refinery Facial, a tailored experience designed to address the specific skincare needs of men, providing a refreshing and revitalizing escape from the daily grind.

This rejuvenating facial includes a deep cleanse to purify pores, a gentle exfoliation sloughing away dead skin cells, and a decadent shoulder, arms, hands, neck and face massage.

Complete this experience with a hydrating mask to replenish moisture and soothe irritation. Step out with a renewed confidence knowing that your skin has been expertly cared for.

HydraQuench Oasis Facial

Our HydraQuench Oasis Facial is a luxurious oasis for parched skin seeking deep replenishment and revitalization.

Immerse yourself in a hydrating journey as we flood your skin with a cascade of moisture-rich serums and emollients, delivering an unparalleled level of hydration.

We'll gently massage potent hydrating ingredients after a exfoliating enzyme reduction and revitalizing mask. Your skin will look and feel visibly refreshed and revitalized.

As you radiate with health and vitality, your face will thank you and be protected from the effects of this Central Oregon High Desert.

Signature Glow Custom Facial

No one size fits all with this facial. For anyone who is unsure what facial might be best for them, this facial selection is perfect.


We will review your skincare regimen and help you select the right treatments that will suit you. You will also have the option to choose from a plethora of the best treatments (from microdermabrasion to dermaplaning to microcurrent) to help you achieve your goals and really move you on a targeted skincare journey.   

Don't worry if you aren't sure what options are best for you. This facial is an easy, take the guesswork our, choice. Starts at $120.

Teen Radiance Facial

Our Teen Radiance Facial is a specialized treatment tailored to meet the dynamic needs of adolescent skin, ages 12-22 years old.

Crafted with the unique challenges of teen skin in mind, this invigorating facial focuses on deep cleansing and purification to target acne and bacteria, promoting a clear, healthy complexion.

Included is our revitalizing and powerful high-frequency treatment, which helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation, leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

Step into adulthood with a fresh, clear complexion, knowing that your skin is in expert hands.

Express Glow Facial

This is the perfect midday pick-me-up for busy individuals looking to refresh and revitalize their skin in just 30 minutes.

This quick and effective facial is designed to deliver maximum results in minimal time.

Experience a deep cleanse to rid your skin of impurities, followed by a gentle exfoliation, a customized mask treatment tailored to yoru skin's specific needs, and rejuvenating finishing products to brighten and lift your up to return to your day.

Step back into your day with a newfound glow.

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