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Facials - facciale

A facial is your Fountain of Youth. Whether you are a man or a woman, of any age, you will benefit from a facial. 

You'll see and feel immediate results that will have people taking notice.

VIP Face Lift Facial

This relaxing and recovering facial for a more youthful glow to your skin; brightening and lifting of the face while lessening dark under eye circles to give the face a lifted appearance while also fighting environmental stressors.  *Consider adding our patented ELO Pro Hot Massage stones for lymph drainage and sinus relief. ~ 70 min  $179

Facial mask at Bella Nuova Spa
hydration model facial

Skin Flooding Hydration Facial

This "High Desert"  favorite will restore that much depleted moisture and give your skin the refreshing elasticity and glow it's missing. Ideal for those dealing with dry skin, unbalanced texture, acne, or skin congestion.   ~ 65 min   $155

Rejuvenating Facial

Our Rejuvenating facial  addresses the needs of all skin types from combination to dry and will leave you looking refreshed and rested.  This facial includes an invigorating collagen mask and refreshing anti-aging serums to brighten and restore hydration.  ~  60 min   $169

Ultra Sonic treatment

Customized Facial

No one size fits all with this facial. We will review your skincare regimen and help you select the right treatments that will suit you. You will also have the option to choose from a plethora of the best treatments (from microdermabrasion to dermaplaning to microcurrent) to help you achieve your goals and really move you on a targeted skincare journey.   ~ 60 min   starts at $130

Pregnancy Facial

We understand the needs of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum as your skin lives in a state of constant fluctuation of hormones and heightened stress. We use only organic and safe products that do not transfer to your child thru skin or lactation. This facial nourishes, hydrates, stimulates, and rejuvenates your skin. ~ 60 min   $165

high frequency model

Adult Skin Clearing Hydrating Facial

This is a perfect facial for the adult (anyone over 23 years of age) who has difficulties with acne and congestion beyond their teen years.   ~ 50 min   $130

Teen Facial

Designed for the changing needs of youthful skin ages 12-22 years old, this facial successfully helps to treat aggravated and blemished skin. Your teen will love the invigorating cleanse followed by an acne targeted exfoliation eliminating bacteria and we'll include extractions if needed.  We always work to include information and guidance for continued self-care at home so bring your questions. ~ 45 min   $59

Kids and teens getting a facial with Bella Nuova Spa

Lunchbreak 30 Min Facial

This brilliantly popular facial is a quick 'pick-me-up' for the lunch time. If you are tight on time, plan ahead and book this stop for a quick refresher to your day.  This facial is quick and a relaxing, refresher for a long day! ~ 30 min   $69

Men's Facial

Yes, Men get facials too! We understand the male skin better than anyone and this facial is perfect for the gentleman who wants to look great every day.  A finishing dry-brush will treat the beard (if one) to finish the treatment and make him feel like royalty.  He will glow inside and out!  ~ 50 min   $99

Facial mask on gentleman
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