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Best Bend Spa

Updated: Jan 11

What makes Bella Nuova Spa the best in Bend?

There are so many reasons to visit Bella Nuova Skin Spa.

When you are searching for your next

facial or waxing service,

here's why we are the BEST:

Facial room at Bella Nuova
Bella Nuova Spa Room

1. Our clients have voted and hands down, we are the BEST.

Just check our reviews. Our continued 5 stars say it all; Bella Nuova is the Best Bend Spa.

We offer competitive pricing as well as additional services that other spas do not even offer.

We also offer a plethora of clean, organic products to help boost your regimen. Our products are free of parabens and chemicals that not only help your skin and improve the look and feel but also are environmentally safe without GMO's or animal testing. We use only the best during your service as well as what we sell.

2. Above all, your relaxation and experience at Bella Nuova is the best.

We are a family owned and run business where we believe that our customers are like family. You will experience a relaxing and caring atmosphere where; yes, we do remember you! There are other spas to choose from but do they care about you personally: remembering your concerns and skin care treatments? We do.

There is no 'hospitalesque', sterile-like environment here. Our rooms are designed with you in mind. Each room has it's own warmth and personality and boasts relaxation for every sense: from the organic lighting to the simplest details, to the fresh clean scents to the ergonomic beds. We have two indoor nature-inspired rooms and one outdoor garden room (see below). And did we mention that you are the priority? We have a delightful self-serve Italian espresso bar for your pleasure and when you leave, enjoy a "drink on us."

3. We are the only spa around with an outdoor environmental experience.

Our gorgeous outdoor grotto is cared for by loving Italian hands. From the whiskey barrel water feature to the 100 year old oak tree, our outdoor facial room is the 'primo!' Slip on a microfiber robe and saunter out to the grotto where you'll relax under our 100 year old oak tree.

Bella Nuova Garden Room
Outside room at Bella Nuova

Unwind and reflect while you sample fruits and veggie's or have a sip of our signature sweet tea.

We'll treat your skin to a luxurious hydrating facial complete with shoulder and face massage as well as an enzyme peel and a refreshing, luxurious masque. Your hands and arms won't be left out because they'll feel invigorated after our Shiatsu hand & arm massage. Spend end of your session enjoying your own private oasis complete with birds singing, trees rustling, and the sounds of nature before you slip back inside to change. Grab some of our home-made sweet tea to go and schedule when you can return because this retreat gets booked out fast! *Open during the summer months. (Booking will be available when the temperature warms up in Bend, Or. We will rebook your session inside if the weather changes for your time.)

Donna, has more than 25+ years medical experience including 6 years in dermatology, 3 years in esthetics, 3 years in orthopedics and more than 10 years in neurology. You're in very capable hands with her 25 years as a Nationally Certified Paramedic. With all this medical experience, your skin care questions are welcomed and encouraged.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients with the care and education to continue their skincare regimen at home. And we are always available for questions any time, even after your visit; just give us a call or email.

5. Massage?

Yup, your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, décolleté and face are all included in your facial. Although we do not currently offer full-body massage, we do offer a hot stone facial massage and lymph drainage with our facials if you wish to add that on. Our facials are already relaxing and most of our clients fall asleep before we even get to the massage but if you are one of the few to stay awake for the massage, we truly care about you and it shows in our European upper body massage and Shiatsu hand massage that you are sure to enjoy.

6. What's included?

Bella Nuova waiting room area
Reception room at Bella Nuova

We are the best for a reason; because we don't stop at the part you paid for.

Additional amenities like our espresso bar bring a little bit of our Italian heritage to Bend for you. Arrive early and sit by the fireplace and enjoy your drink while you wait. Or maybe you'd like one of our cold spritzer drinks to take with you when you leave. We offer crisp, organic drinks to take and go.

While you wait, peruse our onsite-jewelry collection of precious metal creations by DK Designz Jewelry.

If you'd like more information, we provide education and product knowledge to help you enhance your routine at home. We also provide follow up care any time; just call or come in and we can help.

7. We've got a plethora of Luxe Treatments to make your experience exceptional!

From our Micro-Current to our Skin Renewal Treatment, you have many options for restoring that youthful glow.

Here in the "high desert," hydration is key to looking and feeling your best.

Bella Nuova custom wax
Custom wax at Bella Nuova

That's why we keep the air moist and clean for your visit; humidified for comfort and heppa filtered for safety. We provide a warm steam to moisturize your skin and we use targeted toners and moisturizers to enhance every facial.

Even if your visit is for waxing, we use the cleanest, organic waxes with our proprietary soothing enzymes and cocoa, as well as aloe gel to soothe the skin afterwards. Unlike other spas, we do actually make our own wax and we change it weekly (making 100% absolute that it never gets contaminated.) Now, that's clean!

8. We care about the community too!
Bella Nuova donates to organizations
Bella Nuova cares about animals

Every month we donate a percentage of our sales to local animal shelters as well as the national animal rescues and societies. But we don't stop there -

We are members of the ASPCA and contribute every year to the wellbeing of animal safety and care. We are also members of the Humane Society whereby we donate, foster and care for animals in the state.

We also donate our personal time and additional funds to various local charities and fundraising events such as our local Rotary chapters, Cancer Composium of Bend, our community Musician Society, and our local homeless charities.

Donations from Bella Nuova
Donation giving at Bella Nuova

After living in Bend, Oregon for over 50 years and seeing all the growth and changes, nothing makes it more important than to contribute to the wellbeing of this community and its members. Animals can't speak for themselves so it is our goal that we make sure we help and contribute to their wellbeing as well as the health of our community people and society.

There are a million reasons to love our clients and a million reasons they love us.

At Bella Nuova Spa, there is no other place to feel as welcomed

and cared about than at our beautiful Italian style spa.

What sets us apart from other spas?

~'Familia' - family~

We care and that shows in our reviews and client returns.

Come in and see why we are so good at what we do.

Come in for a consult and check us out.

You'll love it here! We do and we know you will too!




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