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How to Prepare For a Sugaring Appointment

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

There are many reasons why people choose sugaring over traditional waxing. Whether it is the natural ingredients or the lower risk of burning, sugaring has become a very popular alternative that yields the same and sometimes better results. Sugaring is also a nice alternative for people with sensitive skin.

Before a Sugaring Appointment

Skin prep before a sugaring appointment is important. The preparation is about the same for both sugaring and waxing. The hair should be about 1/4 inch long and if it is longer than half an inch, it should be trimmed before the appointment.

It is a good idea to exfoliate a few days to a week before the appointment because it can help to remove some dead skin and potentially prevent ingrown hairs. The skin should be clean of any oils and lotions that may have been used. These oils can prevent the sugar paste from adhering.

Loose and comfortable clothing should be worn to the appointment to avoid irritation. Light clothing is often recommended because dyes from dark clothing can irritate the skin.

It is sometimes recommended that pain medication is taken around half an hour before the appointment and caffeine should be avoided altogether. Caffeine can increase sensitivity to pain.

What Happens During the Appointment

Sugar does help exfoliate by removing dead skin from the surface. Since sugaring is helpful for sensitive skin, it is still mildly irritating. Since the sugar mostly sticks to hair, people note they have less pain when sugaring.

What to Do After Sugaring

Sugaring aftercare is important for the next few days. There are few things to avoid to lessen irritation. Exfoliating should be avoided for a couple of days as the skin is more sensitive after sugaring. Exercise and tight clothing should be avoided as well. After 24 hrs, sunscreen should be considered if the skin will be exposed to UV light from the sun. Swimming should also be avoided for 24 hrs, to prevent infection from possible bacteria.

30 days following the appointment, it may be about time to schedule a maintenance visit. Maintenance is most often scheduled approx. 2-3 months later. After 3 months, any maintenance visit is considered a new visit.

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