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Natural Vs. Organic Ingredients

Updated: Apr 17

natural vs organic skincare
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The beauty industry is constantly evolving with new information and products. Because of this, it can be difficult to differentiate between what is good or bad, clean or not, organic or natural.

The question of products being "organic" versus "natural" goes on and on bringing about additional focus on the question of "synthetic".

What is the difference between a "natural, organic or synthetic" product?

Generally speaking, natural products are "regarded as containing ingredients derived from Mother Nature in some form." Many products are labeled with ingredients referred to as natural but may also contain synthetic ingredients.

natural vs organic skincare
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"A synthetic ingredient is a man-made or manipulated natural ingredient to the point of changing its original structure and function." Also known more commonly as "chemicals," these ingredients can also be cheap and harmful. However, not all synthetic ingredients are bad.

Organic means the "products contain ingredients from natural origins that are specifically unadulterated or non-manipulated, making them as pure as nature originally intended." Generally, this concept is the utilization of bare or raw ingredients, free of pesticides, fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics and technological processing.

Additionally, “certified organic” products impart more faith that the formulations are strongly regulated and regarded as the safest, or healthiest, choice. It is also important as to how ingredients are sourced (obtained or harvested). Sustainable sourcing can be generally referred to as "the ethical and responsible processes utilized to obtain a product’s raw materials in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment while supporting neighboring communities."

How can I be sure of what products are Organic?

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To be certified Organic, a producer must show how the ingredients are sourced and utilized in the production of their product while also showing how the ingredients were sourced. The product will receive a seal of approval, or

certification, that can be shown on the product itself or their website.

natural vs organic skincare
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How does this affect how a spa uses these products?

In the context of plant-based spa treatments, this means the spa uses products that prioritize eco-conscious practices, promote biodiversity, use recyclable or biodegradable materials, adopt measures to minimize waste and engage in fair trade practices. A plant-based spa will use natural and organic products that provide the strictest standards in development and can ethically provide that there is no animal cruelty during the process of manufacturing, and how sustainable and eco-conscious the products really are.

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While the cosmetic and beauty industry is evolving and ever-changing, the best take-away is to watch the labels and consider what goes into the products we put on our skin. Consider the process of processing ingredients and how they impact the skin.

A healthy glow not only comes from within but also from what is put on the outside. Natural and Organic products that use ethically sourced ingredients will provide the most effective and healthy solutions to your skin's needs.

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