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Facial Peels Are A Safe, Cost-Effective Way To Brighten Skin and Improve Texture

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Bella Nuova Facial Peels Rejuvenate Skin and Brighten Complexions

Normal exposure to both indoor and outdoor air, pollution and common beauty products can leave skin looking dull and dry. A facial peel is one of the simplest ways to remove dead skin cells from the face, giving a fresher, brighter appearance to facial skin. At Bella Nuova Spa in Bend, Oregon, we will ensure you have the right peeling ingredients to suit your unique skin needs.

What You Should Know About Facial Peels

Facial peels are a method of resurfacing the skin’s surface layers, so that newer skin cells are visible. Facial peels are also called “chemical peels” because they use a number of different types of chemicals that exfoliate the topmost layer of skin. The reason they are called “peels” is that’s how the skin surface layer is removed. It peels off during the first few days after the treatment. This is an effect that is necessary for revealing the newer, fresher skin. Most peel ingredients are different types of acids that produce varying amounts of peeling of the skin.

What Can I Expect A Facial Peel To Do?

A skin peel makes the facial skin feel smoother, look brighter and will even out the pigmentation. Skin peels encourage the production of collagen, a component in the skin that helps to look plumper and younger. Peels can also reduce the look of fine lines. However, a peel will not eliminate major lines around the mouth or on the forehead. Overall, a peel provides a fresher, brighter look to facial skin.

Different Types of Peels For Different Types of Skin

There are many kinds of facial peels. The superficial peels are the gentlest and only remove the very top cells of the skin. A medium peel is composed of stronger chemicals that remove slightly deeper layers of the skin. The effects may cause stinging and a bit of redness that will be noticeable. A deep peel is the strongest type, and it is primarily used to remove scar, wrinkling and other specific skin issues. The chemicals used can be quite harsh and will leave some redness for several weeks. Your aesthetician will discuss your skin condition and any problems you are having, before deciding on the type of peel that is right for you.


After your peel, you will be advised to limit exercise for a few days to allow healing of tissues. You should also avoid exposure to the sun, until your skin is fully healed.

Duration of Results

A superficial peel can be expected to last for up to 8 weeks. A medium peel can last up to 6 months. A deep peel can produce results that last for several years, and sometimes can last forever.

How much does a peel cost?

Our fear free peels are the best and most effective solution to get you right back to you daily tasks without down time. You'll find that our peels are relaxing and free of pain as well as never leaving you sore or showing peeling or flaking skin. Because we use the top chemicals for your peel, you can expect great care and follow-up afterward. Our peels start at $125 and we have great discount packages as well.

Choose Bella Nuova Spa For A Brighter, More Youthful Facial Complexion

Our trained, experienced aestheticians will ensure that you feel comfortable and well cared for as you receive your peel procedure. Facial peels are just one of the many services we offer to enhance appearance and increase your confidence. Contact Bella Nuova Spa today to learn about the many services we offer to help you look your best.

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