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Holistic Beauty Care - What's the Big Deal?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Most skin conditions come from internal imbalances like toxins or pathogens that are much more than skin deep. With holistic beauty care we can properly address the client's skin and actually correct skin issues. The benefit of holistic beauty care regimes is that clients see what can be done to do at home and gain a new way to feel and think about themselves when they look in the mirror.

According to Ben Johnson, MD, founder of Osmosis Beauty: "Holistic beauty includes using ingredients that are good for the skin and addressing skin health inside and out... Even when trying to correct signs of aging, it’s much more effective to work with the skin’s repair mechanisms instead of burning or traumatizing it, which only triggers repair of the newly formed damage. Permanent change is possible—the skin just needs to be inspired."

We must be mindful of what we’re putting into our bodies, as it directly impacts our skin. We have it as visible as day and can use it as a diagnostic tool.

So what exactly is Holistic Beauty?

Now that the globe has been affected by a health crisis, this is absolutely the time to make a conscious effort toward healthier choices. Choices on what we put on our skin and what we put inside our bodies that affects our skin. It is not only being aware of what we put on our skin, it is what we are choosing to put in our bodies. This is what holistic beauty means. It's about being healthy from the inside and the reflection of that on the outside. Holistic beauty is one and the same for whole body wellness.

At Bella Nuova -

We focus on treating your skin from below and from the inside. We include a massaging facial that works energy points and helps deliver the ultimate relaxation. It releases tension and allows a calming that is so needed for body and mind. When we are tense, our breath is out of balance. Balancing breathing, in a relaxed state, provides a balance to the body and mind— vs. tense breathing that leads to tense facial muscles, which leads to wrinkles, aging and dullness. It’s all linked.

We also use only pure and organic products on the surface that do not clog or block the skin's ability to breath. Our products contain no parabens or harsh chemicals. Additionally, all of our products are cruelty free and the packaging is recyclable.

"Quite honestly, there’s no other option when it comes to wellness, whether that be in terms of skin care or general health. Keeping the complexion healthy starts with a daily regimen and cosmetics that are clean to ensure that their skin health isn’t compromised." - Gina McGuire, founder of GinaMarie Products


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