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Our Superior Spa Experience

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

There's nothing quite like a day at the spa and Bend, OR has the best spa experience available at Bella-Nuova. You will find that they offer everything that you and your skin need to be healthy. The services they provide are excellent and the spa itself is welcoming and relaxing. You won't find a better place for quality spa treatments.

No matter what your favorite spa treatment is, you will find that and so much more to help create a spa experience that is superior to any other you have ever had. Maybe a facial is your favorite spa treatment. You'll find that the facials provided are great for both men and women. You will love the products they use and how rejuvenated your skin feels after you have had the treatment. Facials for brightening the skin as well as eye lift facials are just a few that they offer. You will be able to choose from many quality spa treatments for the look and feel you desire

Quality spa treatments for your hands and feet are also available to help keep them looking young and healthy. You can also enjoy peels and dermabrasion that offer beauty and health to your face. Waxing and sugaring can help you to keep your skin glowing and help to keep your brows amazing. Bikini waxing and leg and arm waxing are also a huge hit. You can also bask in comfort with a Brazilian wax to make your day at the spa the best. You will love the affordability of all of the spa treatments that are available.

Women can be very picky about the make-up that they choose and this spa understands that perfectly. They offer a great line of makeup. You'll be able to choose from foundations, lipsticks and liners and so much more to help you have the beauty that you deserve. The body lotion available is going to amaze you. Once you've tried it you are going to use it for a lifetime. The smell is lovely and the price is mind-blowing.

If you are looking for a great gift for someone, consider giving them a gift certificate to Bella Nuova Spa. The gift card will allow them to choose the quality spa treatments that they want or feel that they need the most. This is going to be a great gift and they are going to love everything about the spa and become a regular client.

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