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Waxing, Sugaring, Brow Tint & Lashes

 We offer the very best waxing services in Bend, so that you can keep your brows fierce and your skin glowing. Our wax services include: tattoo rejuvenating, bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, leg waxing, arm waxing, eyebrow waxing, and more. We take great care to make sure you are comfortable and have a great experience from the ambience to the staff. From men to women, Bella Nuova provides superior waxing services.


**Please note that our discounted Brazilian "Maintenance" option is for waxing done every 1-3 months with us.  After 3 months, it's considered a regular Brazilian wax. If you've never tried us, please schedule a regular Brazilian vs a maintenance for your first visit with us. You may be experienced with waxing but we need to get to know your skin and your skincare needs during your first visit with us. You're going to love the attention to detail with us and the continued care.


Brow Wax                                   23

Brow Wax with Tint               37

Brow Tint                                    20

Brow Tweeze                            38

Brow Tweeze with Tint        40

Jawline                                        23

Ears                                               15

Nose                                              15

Lip                                                   15

Chin                                                15

Male - Sideburns                     25

Female - cheeks                      25

Full Face (lip, chin, cheeks) 40



Female Bikini                          40

Female Bikini & Crack        45

Female Thong                         50

Female Brazilian                    65

Female Brazilian Maintenance   55*

*maintenance pricing is after client has had at least 1 prior regular Brazilian wax with us in the last 3 months. 

Male Bikini                                 55

Male Bikini & Crack               59

Male Thong & Crack             90**

**male thong does not include the scrotum area



Lip                                                 17

Jaw                                               29

Underarms                                35

Female Stomach                    19

Male Chest or Stomach      50

Female Back                            45

Male Back                                  55

Forearms                                   45

Lower Legs                               60

Tattoo                                          35


Body - Female

Underarms                                  20

Forearms                                      35

Full Arms                                      47

Chest                                              20

Stomach                                        15

Nipples                                           12

Back                                                39

Hands or Toes                             15

Lower Legs                                  45

Upper Legs                                  45

Full Legs                                        80


Body - Male

Underarms                               29

Forarms                                     45

Full Arms                                   65

Chest                                          45

Stomach                                    27

Back                                             55

Shoulders                                  15

Lower Legs                               59

Upper Legs                                59

Full Legs                                     85

Nipples                                        12

Hands or Toes                          15



Are you done with mascara? Us too! Our Lashify Lashes are unlike any lash extensions. They go on faster, last just as long (often times longer) and are a fraction of the cost! 

They are a game changer! You'll love them and never want to go back to the traditional ways.

Lashes                                       59


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