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A facial is your Fountain of Youth. Whether you are a man or a woman, of any age, you will benefit from a facial. Our organic and holistic products combined with our cleansing and massage techniques can improve and rejuvenate your face in as little as 60 min. 

All our 1 hr facials include a shoulder and neck massage as well as a Shiatsu hand massage. 

You'll see and feel immediate results that will have people taking notice.

You are encouraged to select any facial that sounds right for you. If you have additional concerns, our certified estheticians will be on hand to consult with you and customize your perfect facial.

When booking your appointment, be sure to note the time and arrive a few minutes early for paperwork and getting prepared in the room. We want to be sure that you get to enjoy every minute of your facial.

Stormy Beach

facciale - facials

VIP Face Lift Facial

This relaxing and recovering facial is the key to providing a more youthful glow to your skin; brightening and lifting of the face while lessening dark under eye circles to give the face a lifted appearance while also fighting environmental stressors.  Our VIP Facial starts with our luxurious triple cleanse and hot compresses. You'll love the targeted exfoliating enzyme peel scrub, luxurious décolleté and shoulder massage as well as our Shiatsu arm and hand massage, hydrating mask and an ultrasonic luxe serum infusion to deeply replenish the skin while restore vital nutrients. You'll spend a final 10 min turning back time as you rest under our professional red light to revive and renew the skin with anti-aging benefits.  *For an additional charge you may add our patented ELO Pro Hot Massage stones for lymph drainage and sinus relief. ~ 70 min  $189

Facial mask at Bella Nuova Spa

Skin Flooding Hydration Facial

This "High Desert" area favorite will restore that much depleted moisture and give your skin the elasticity and glow it's missing. Our Skin Flooding Hydration Facial is ideal for clients dealing with dry skin, unbalanced texture, acne, or skin congestion. It is a refreshing and hydrating facial that will improve skin brilliance, diminish blemishes and deeply hydrate your skin leaving you dewy and glowing! This facial includes our soothing double cleanse, a targeted exfoliating enzyme peel and a European neck and face massage. You'll love the emollient rich serums and soothing moisturizer following our signature Shiatsu hand massage and targeted hydrating cream.  You may want to add our galvanic electrical modality to substantially penetrate the skin's layers and truly hydrate and refresh your skin (adds $35 to your service) ~ 65 min   $169

Ultra Sonic treatment

Rejuvenating Facial

Our Rejuvenating facial provides all the benefits of a luxurious facial while fully promoting relaxation. This facial addresses the needs of all skin types from combination to dry and will leave you looking refreshed and rested.  We'll begin with a relaxing double cleanse to remove impurities, then we'll layer on a skin-focused enzyme exfoliation specific to your skin that will resurface and give you a youthful glow. We'll continue with a face and neck massage that incorporates a European facial massage for lymph drainage and tension relief. You'll love our signature Shiatsu hand massage to relieve those every day stressors. We'll rebalance your skin's Ph after all is done, with an invigorating collagen mask and finish with a refreshing anti-aging serum to brighten and restore hydration.  This facial is most beneficial with a MicroCurrent add-on or High Frequency add on. ~  60 min   $149

Customized Facial

No one size fits all with this facial. We go over what you are looking to address during your 10 minute consultation. We will review your skincare regimen and help you select the right treatments that will suit you. You will also have the option to choose from a plethora of the best treatments to help you achieve your goals and really move you on a targeted skincare journey.  Whether you need customized products or specialty services, we will be able to tailor create the best facial for you. This facial is great for anyone who is unsure what facial would be best or what different combinations of treatments would be most beneficial for them.  This personalized facial does take a little extra time and depending on your chosen treatments, you may or may not have a little longer time for your session. This facial includes a 10% discount on any products purchased the same day. We allot 2 hours for this facial. ~ 120 min   $169

Pregnancy Facial

We understand the needs of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum as your skin lives in a state of constant fluctuation of hormones and heightened stress. We use only organic and safe products that do not transfer to your child thru skin or lactation. This facial nourishes, hydrates, stimulates, and rejuvenates your skin. Included in this delightful facial is our signature double cleanse, followed by hot compresses, a clean and clear exfoliation, European stimulating face and neck massage, a refreshing mask, our signature Shiatsu arm and hand massage, and a finishing application of treatment creams to refresh and delight. ~ 60 min   $159

Adult Skin Clearing Hydrating Facial


This is a perfect facial for the adult who has difficulties with acne and congestion beyond their teen years. Acne can be a problem resulting from the oils on the skin that contain bacteria and become inflamed. Our acne fighting facial will combat breakouts and congestion with a targeted enzyme peel and balancing treatment mask. We'll finish with specifically designed moisturizers and serums and a High Frequency treatment that will help to destroy inflammation causing bacteria and draw out impurities for instantly brighter, clearer, healthier-looking skin.  ~ 50 min   Temporarily on Sale for $120 (Reg $135)

Lunchbreak 30 Min Facial

This brilliantly popular facial is a quick 'pick-me-up' for the lunch time. If you are tight on time, plan ahead and book this stop for a quick refresher to your day. It includes our signature, organic cleansers, mask and a moisturizer. This fast break facial is the perfect refresher to relieve and refresh.  We'll send you back on your way after applying a light refreshing vitamin serum and cream with added SPF.  This facial is quick and a relaxing, refresher for a long day! ~ 30 min   $119

Teen Facial

Designed for the changing needs of youthful skin ages 12-22 years old, this facial successfully helps to treat aggravated and blemished skin. Your teen will love the invigorating cleanse followed by an acne targeted exfoliation.  We will treat the skin with our High Frequency bacteria eliminating treatment to alleviate the bacteria causing acne and congestion and we'll include extractions if needed.  A refreshing mask will balance the skin Ph and a targeted spot treatments will help the skin feel refreshed and cleansed.  We always work to include information and guidance for continued self-care at home. ~ 45 min   $79

Kids and teens getting a facial with Bella Nuova Spa

Men's Facial

Yes, Men get facials too! We understand the male skin better than anyone and this facial is perfect for the gentleman who wants to look great every day. This distinguished facial starts with our signature double cleanse followed by a custom enzyme peel. He'll relish in the soothing hot towels and gratifying shoulder, neck and face massage. We'll then add on a soothing and nourishing mask to treat the skin's hydrating and anti-aging needs. We'll add in a rejuvenating hand and arm massage before we finish treating the skin with a client - targeted serum and SPF. A finishing dry-brush will treat the beard (if one) to finish the treatment and make him feel like royalty.  He will glow inside and out!  ~ 60 min   $105

Facial mask on gentleman
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