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updated 10/2021

Our Safety Standards and Procedures

For the safety of our employees and our family of clients, we maintain strict adherence to state regulations and CDC guidelines. We thank you in advance for your help and understanding as we work thru this pandemic.

At Bella Nuova:

1. We ask that each customer take the time to self-reflect and prescreen themselves to ensure they are free from any sickness and have not had contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days. We ensure that our employees are free from any sickness prior to beginning the work shift.

2. Clients in high risk and vulnerable groups such as an advanced age or with pre-existing medical conditions are advised to consider whether they would be at risk or if they've not been fully vaccinated before visiting any public salon.

3. We ensure physical distancing protocols by maintaining 6 feet between clients, staggering appointments and limiting the number of people in the building and common area at one time.

4. Employees and therapists wear clean masks throughout the spa. Therapists also wear a face shield when working in close proximity to clients. Therapists wear clean gloves during waxing and sugaring services.

5. Therapists hands are washed with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after touching clients, after contact with soiled or unsterilized tools and surroundings, and after cleaning surfaces and equipment.

6. Because gloves are not recommended over thorough hand washing unless they are requested by clients or required by authorities, we choose to maintain strict adherence to washing of hands per #5. If used, gloves are changed before and after contact with clients or with any soiled or unsterilized tools and surroundings.

7. All professional use products are disinfected after each use and stored in a clean area.

8. Treatment beds are sanitized and covered with either clean table linens or paper, a clean towel or a clean sheet before each client.

9. All equipment and surfaces, are double cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.

10. We do not currently offer testing of store products but we do have some samples for our clients to take with them.

11. We only sell new and clean products in our spa. For the safety of our staff, family members and clients, at this time, we do not accept returns of any products.

The above directives are in addition to and not in replace of, state-board or local authority regulations. All government sanitation and safety guidelines are always adhered to.

These guidelines will adapt as science progresses. As we progress to new safety phases, some of these additional restrictions will be minimized.

To see more helpful information and tips, go to: https://www.bella-nuova.com/blog

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