Meet our Certified Esthetician, Donna

Donna Kern, Bend Licensed Esthetician

It was a long road to get here. Being a paramedic, then jewelry designer and now esthetician, I have certainly spent my days, reinventing myself. Phew! I created the jewelry when life changed and I needed to make ends meet with a tiny baby to take care of. Things were tough. I wanted more for him and the world was full of possibilities. I just needed to press on. I saved for years, working multiple jobs to get ahead. With a little ingenuity, and the help of family, I opened a little store on Newport Ave in Bend. My jewelry was making a name and we were on track.
Years down the road, COVID took the world by storm and our beautiful little jewelry business took a nose dive. With little income from jewelry sales, I once again, re-evaluated life and considered my options. I had no less than a decade of creating jewelry but I also had a tremendous amount of medical education and training to fall back on so I decided to embark on a new direction: skincare and cosmetology. Lots of hope and lots of risk, ...Oh boy... and back to school I went. (Things are definitely harder when you're older.) 
Along the way, we found ourselves in the midst of the Corona virus backlash; we lost both of our beloved fur babies to old age, we struggled with electrical dilemmas, had a home roof leak, and lost our money for our son's graduation when the rental house refused to refund our reservation. Like everyone, we found 2020 to be a challenge.
Still, we pressed on. With the help of family, we did all that we could to retro-fit esthetics into our little store while keeping a little jewelry to share.  Lots of hammering, paint and love... We made it happen with a unique concept spa.  It's just right and really works in our little location on Newport Ave; with jewelry, accessories, organic and clean skincare products and our very own apothecary items. It's warm and inviting.
Our charming building got a bit of a facelift and here we are! I am a 40+ year Bendite with a love for this area, the lifestyle and the people. Bend is a great place to live and dream. And making dreams into reality, are not lost on this family. 


I  truly hope you'll stop by to see the to visit about a facial or spa service from us.  Everyone is family with Bella Nuova. From our Bend - Italian family to yours, WELCOME! Come check out our cute and inviting spa. Get pampered! You're going to love it! 

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