Our Story

Did you know that Bella-Nuova is New Beauty in Italian? That's what you are when you visit our day spa. You are beautiful and our Italian family is all about treating you like it. 

It was a long road to get here. Being a paramedic, then jewelry designer and now esthetician, I have certainly spent my days, reinventing myself. Phew! I created the jewelry when life changed and I needed to make ends meet with a tiny baby to take care of. Things were tough. I wanted more for him and the world was full of possibilities. I just needed to press on.
Years down the road, COVID took the world by storm and our beautiful little jewelry shop took a nose dive. With no income and little to do with my new jewelry creations, I once again, re-evaluated life and considered my options. I had no less than a decade of creating jewelry and a tremendous amount of medical education and training to fall on so I decided to embark on a new direction: esthetics! Lots of hope and lots of risk, ...Oh boy... and back to school I went. (Things are definitely harder when you're older.)
Along the way, we lost our both of our beloved fur babies, (Kirby & Potato the pugs), we struggled with electrical dilemmas, had a roof leak, and lost our entire savings on a graduation trip for my son when the rental house refused to refund our payment during COVID.
Still, we pressed on. With the help of family, we did all that we could to retro-fit esthetics into my store while keeping the jewelry and accessories front and center. We made it happen with our unique concept boutique - spa!  It's just right and really works in our little location on Newport Ave; full of jewelry, accessories, organic beauty products and our very own apothecary items.
So here we are; a local family making it work in Bend, Oregon. It's a great place to live and dream. But making dreams a reality, are not lost on us.


We truly hope you'll stop by to see the jewelry or to chat about a facial or spa service.

Come check out this unique concept boutique. Get pampered! You're going to love it!
Bella-Nuova is a family run business that cares about you.